Sibyl is AI that cuts revenue loss and operational waste due to No-Shows.

It’s an add-on to your scheduling system that recommends best-fit appointment, maximizing access to care.

When patients fail to show, revenue is lost, resources at the ready become sunk costs, and supply and staffing are mismatched with patient throughput. No-Shows are estimated to cost providers $150B every year.

Patients will no-show, but schedulers rarely know who and when. In a series of pilots, Sibyl demonstrated >75% accuracy in predicting which patients would no-show, and when.

How Sibyl works

  • When a patient goes to schedule an appointment, the scheduler sees a ranked list of up-to-date appointment-slots that are the best fit for both the patient and the provider.
  • Administrators set utilization targets; behind the scenes, Sibyl strategically limits over-booking to appointments that are high-probability No-Shows. Sibyl is x-ray vision for the schedule, detecting gaps that are otherwise invisible.
  • HIPAA compliant

No ordinary thinking machine

Sibyl is built on AI that detects similar patients and learns from appointments with similar context, identifying statistical patterns that indicate the time when each patient is most likely to show.

The software builds a predictive model from historical data, then continuously refines by learning from the outcome of each appointment.

Where Sibyl is at work

Core Sibyl technology is live at leading academic medical centers in New York City and California, with a health system that serves patients across the West Coast of the US and is launching at a number of community health centers.

Sibyl has analyzed 2 million appointments and its core technology touches ~500,000 medical records.

Start using Sibyl now

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