No-Show Assessment:
Is your schedule driving utilization?

We deploy our unique breed of statistical machine learning to analyze how well your scheduling works and why.

Your schedule is mission-critical infrastructure. It determines profit, loss, and access to care. Healthcare is increasingly data-driven, scheduling is not. Scheduling decisions are made without the benefit of predictive insight. An assessment changes that.

  1. No-Show Rate

No-Shows create financial, clinical and operational damage. Every day. None of the providers engaged to-date have known the full scale of the damage.

An assessment reveals the true No-Show rate. The assessment will include analytics on variation in No-Shows according to provider, site, appointment-type, day of the week and season.

2. Revenue Loss due to No‑Shows

No-Shows are estimated to cost providers $150B each year. A macro-eyes customer with 13 clinics was losing $15.3M each year to No-Shows. This equates to $28,000/provider/year. An assessment will identify the direct revenue loss and the opportunity.

3. Key Drivers

Assessments identify the elements that predict No-Shows. Core macro-eyes AI incorporates more than 60 features in generating patient and appointment-specific drivers.

4. Optimization

How often does overbooking reduce the damage from patient No-Shows?

The schedule is your front-door – how well does it work? Assessments will analyze the efficiency and impact of current scheduling. How often does over-booking succeed in filling gaps and how often does it escalate patient wait-times?

5. Access to Care

Providing access to the right care is the first step toward positive health outcomes.  An assessment will give you powerful insight into the impact that No-Shows and sub-optimal scheduling are having on access to care for your patient population.

How many more patients could you see each year with an optimized schedule?

An assessment begins with the data. Each site is different. Each patient population has a unique set of characteristics. Each assessment requires a careful, statistically intensive deep-dive.

We begin with an in-depth analysis of 2 years of appointment history. Computation occurs in our HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-Certified secure environment, built and protected for macro-eyes by clearDATA.

The deliverable is the State of the Schedule: a detailed report that presents precision views of your schedule’s performance. The State of the Schedule is a personalized road map for transforming scheduling into a machine that increases utilization and the efficiency of operations.

  • Utilization and No-Show metrics by site, by provider ID, by day of the week, by hour and by appointment type
  • Your operations in comparison to peers
  • Precisely what No-Shows cost you today
  • How to transform scheduling into a machine that increases utilization
  • The unique factors that predict patient No-Shows

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